What pool owners can do about the drought

May 2015 The drought is obviously of huge concern for us Californian’s. Most people are unaware that pools use half as much water as the lawn and even less if evaporation measures are taken: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-pool-haters-20140913-story.html How you can help: – Turn off water features like waterfalls and spillways. The more water exposed to the atmosphere, […]

Swimming Pool Water Balance. No, its not as easy as you think

Reprinted with permission from Kim Skinner of OnBalance: Decades ago, people in the pool industry started becoming aware that there was more to pool maintenance than just adding sanitizers to the water (to kill algae and bacteria) and filtering it (to help keep it crystal clear). Gradually, we learned that even properly sanitized and filtered […]

Homemade pool solar rings/ squares for to slow water evaporation

Solar rings, solar blankets and solar squares are in great demand to save pool water evaporation as the drought pushes us Californians into uncharted territory. A few years ago I happened upon a wise and resourceful elderly woman who used very simple and common materials to make her own solar rings out of hula hoops. […]

Swimming pool salt generator cell- Pentair IC40 with calcium buildup

Have you ever wondered what calcium build up looks like in a swimming pool salt generator cell? Most of you have read the manual about cleaning the cell regularly but if you’re like me (and live in an area with low calcium content in the fill water) then you don’t see calcium buildup often. I […]

The Sta-Rite Modular DE Filter is awesome!

My favorite filter in the world is the Sta-Rite Modular Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filter. This thing is awesome. Here’s another story of how well it cleans up: I installed the following 60SF filter in April 2013 and the homeowner never cleaned it ( I DO NOT advise the same!!!!) until I  showed up in February […]

Lawsuits Closing Public Swimming Pools Forever

You heard it hear. If the United States of America continues on its current litigious path, most public swimming pools will cease to exist in our lifetime. When public pools close, inner-city and non-affluent children don’t have anywhere relatively safe to swim. Kids are going to find a way to cool off so they head […]