Water conservation

Here’s a cool phone app that is easy to use (I have it on my iphone): http://dropcountr.com It shows your home’s current water consumption and lets you compare to your neighbors, community, city, etc. You easily adjust the raduis and it shows how much water use use compered to your neighbors. My swimming pool recently […]

Another pool rebar stain (with video)

Here’s another rebar stain I repaired. The rebar was sticking THROUGH the gunite without coverage on the tips of the rebar! The tips were barely plastered over and the rebar soon began to corrode and left the stain to the left. Here is a close up video of the rebar sticking up:

Video: Cleaning a Sta-Rite Modular DE Filter

I have yet to see a video on YouTube about cleaning the Sta-Rite Modular Diatomaceous Earth Filter so I decided to make one myself. I love this filter. It is so easy to clean and it filters better than a paper cartridge filter. This filter is a dramatic improvement from the traditional DE filters with […]

Lawsuits Closing Public Swimming Pools Forever

You heard it hear. If the United States of America continues on its current litigious path, most public swimming pools will cease to exist in our lifetime. When public pools close, inner-city and non-affluent children don’t have anywhere relatively safe to swim. Kids are going to find a way to cool off so they head […]

Pool Filter Crack & Rupture

I don’t see a pool filter crack very often and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one rupture like the one in my photo so its an opportunity to post something rare. Not surprisingly, this pool has an in-floor system. Any pool technicians reading this already know what I’m about to say: in-floor systems require […]

National Plasterers Council’s start-up certification program raises questions

Reprinted with permission from Kim Skinner of OnBalance: It is confusing and alarming that the NPC’s (new plaster pool) start-up program promotes a negative Saturation Index, as low as -0.7.   Three years ago, the NPC declared that any negative SI causes plaster problems and is not to be allowed, and they know that new plaster […]