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At Mike the Poolman, we install and replace pool drain covers without draining your pool throughout the Greater Sacramento area and have been doing so since 1999.
We are meticulous about each cover, its function and its safety.

Pool Drain Covers

We calculate flow rates, pipe sizing, pump sizing, relationship coefficients, sump depths, county code requirements, etc. Each pool drain installation is unique and must be treated with the utmost care.
We do it all underwater- saving you water, saving you time, saving you money, and, saving lives.

We are a professional underwater pool repair business, enabling us to work underwater without draining your pool. We use special tools that allow us to cut, drill and plaster- installing your pool cover properly and safely.
Don’t drain your pool, we can fix it underwater!

If you are unsure of your existing pool drain covers, you may email photos and we will give you feedback free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

Swimming pool and spa drain entrapment is PREVENTABLE. Dangerous pool drain cover

There isn’t a single documented drowning when anti-entrapment drain covers are properly installed. Pool and spa drain cover safety is achieved when an experienced professional installs the appropriate pool drain cover.

CPSC 2011 Entrapment Statistics

Every drain entrapment death has one of the following:

  • a flat grate was present
  • a cover was cracked/ broken
  • the cover was missing
  • cover was not properly installed.

Properly installed anti-entrapment drain covers are the key to safety.

Missing Pool Drain Cover

Missing Pool Cover

New Pool Drain Cover

New Pool Cover


Split Drains

Split pool drains are suction ports that are tee’d under the surface. They must be at least 36″ apart (on center) and must be hydraulically balanced.

Split pool drains


Unblockable Pool DrainsUnblockable drains

Please refer to our Unblockable page for more details on these special & unique types of multi-functional Pool Channel Drains.


For pool drain cover safety we stock an assortment of drain cover colors on our vehicles at all times.
The most common colors are white, black, light grey and dark grey.

Polaris pool sweep tail caught?

A common issue I come across is the Polaris pool cleaner tail whip (pool sweep tail) getting sucked into the main drain because the drain cover is missing. We regularly go underwater and remove the tail and install a new drain cover to prevent it from occurring again.

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