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We have a few more openings for weekly pool service customers (we always have room for more repair jobs).
Why are we in such high demand?

  • Money isn’t Everything:
    My business could EASILY have more accounts and make MUCH more money.
    My focus isn’t on how much I can make, it’s on how well we care for the pools we work on.
    I don’t blame them- and maybe they are smarter than me- but most pool service companies focus on making as much money as they can and do so by taking on every account they can, regardless of whether they have the staff to properly care for their pools (have you ever wondered why their turnover is so high?)
    I’ve been criticized for not being “bigger”, “more successful” or “more profitable” for as popular as we are, but the last time I looked my family hasn’t missed any meals or vacations and we live very comfortably.
    I limit the number of pools we work on so the quality of our service remains high.
    I choose to serve above making money. If we do a great job, we’ll be paid fairly.
    I’m a consumer too and I just pray that when people come to work on our home that they have the same ethics and care that we have for the people we work for. We take care of our customer’s needs before our own. Money isn’t Everything.
  • Ethics and Accountability:
    Our values are reflected in our Mission Statement.
    In business for over 28 years, we are honest people who want to work for honest customers.  We take our trade seriously and our track record is one of honesty and accountability that we continue to build on.
    Simply put: we do what’s best for our customers and they love us for it
  • Employees:
    Employees are the core of our success. We don’t hire just anyone. We are selective in who we hire and how they represent our company. I can’t understate how seriously we take this. And, we challenge you to find another pool service company that background checks employee prospects!
  • How we utilize our Employees:
    Our weekly service employees only work part-time. We do this to keep them fresh and alert. Let’s face it, servicing swimming pools can be a challenge but it also gets very monotonous. While you’re driving, have you ever paid attention to pool guys in their trucks? Most look like they’re asleep (or worse…) Servicing pools 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is a grind and a sure way to burnt-out workers and recurring turnover. While employing technicians part-time is less profitable for the business, it leads to happier employees who in turn perform better for our customers. It’s not a coincidence that most of our customers have been with us for five years or longer.
  • Weekly Service Log reports keep customers informed (more details below)
  • We balance your pool to the Langelier Saturation Index which prolongs your surface
  • Consistent, reliable service
  • Communication, communication, communication

What are the three most common questions we hear from consumers?

  • “I can never get a hold of my pool service!”
    If you can’t get a hold of Mike you aren’t trying!
    Send us an email to find out how quickly we respond.
  • “I never know if the pool guy has been here!” Pool Service Record
    We take the worry away by providing customers with written accountability. Each visit we electronically record your water chemistry results and the tasks we’ve completed and keep them as a permanent record.
    Our technician enters them into the computer and you are automatically sent an email (including notes from our tech to communicate any critical information).
    You receive real-time reporting within 10 minutes of his departure (see the image to the right for an example…)
  • “My pool guy never shows up on the same day of the week!”
    We show up on the same day every week. The only exception is holidays or when we need to adjust the schedule to accommodate employee vacations. When that happens you’ll receive an email in advance letting you know what day of the week we’ll be there.

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Customer Testimonials

All testimonials are written by actual real-life customers

  • I've had pools serviced in various places I've resided; Davis, Encinitas and Folsom; Mike The PoolMan (Mike Stinson) has been the best service provider that I've experienced. Mike's made complete repairs that most Pool Servicers won't touch. Mike is the complete service provider for regular maintenance, equipment repair/replacement and starting your pool back up after you've had it resurfaced! Mike's been outstanding and Victor has performed in an excellent manner with my weekly as part of Mike's crew! Thanks Mike!

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  • Thank you for the AMAZING pool service you and your team provide us. Your customer service is top notch. I really appreciate the attention to detail on our pool and the quick communications anytime you guys detect the slightest of issues with our pool. It is a great peace of mind knowing your team is servicing and monitoring our pool each week. I highly recommend your services to all my friends who have pools. Thank you Mike and Team for everything you guys do for us!

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  • I can't say enough good about Mike the Poolman.  When he came to my house to evaluate my pool issue, he first did a thorough review of my pool physically, looked at my pool controller settings, made several recommendations to me about how to take care of my pool better, and adjusted my pool controller settings right there on the spot for me!  Most importantly, he fixed my issue quickly and took great care in his work.  Mike's very friendly and reasonable in his rates.  Highly recommend!

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  • Mike and his company did a great job installing our swimming pool hand rail. Super responsive, very professional and true to his word!

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  • We bought a spa heater and had Mike install it. Mike is great to work with. He’s very knowledgeable and takes care of his customers. He is a hard worker and did a great job for us. We would recommend his services and will use him again. Thank you Mike!

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  • I cannot say enough good things about Mike! We had him install a new pump and controller and he was upfront and honest every step of the way. He gave us lots of good options for our needs and the quality of work was top notch. Most importantly, I felt that Mike was one of the rare ones out there that truly knows his stuff. His expertise and friendly demeanor made us feel very comfortable with the whole project. We will definitely be calling Mike whenever we have our next pool project!

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  • Our pool heater hadn't been working for the past two years. It was time to replace it so I didn't hesitate to contact Mike. He had installed a variable speed pump a few years ago and did an excellent job. He had also done other equipment maintenance over the years. Mike was going to take a look at the heater to see what was wrong but I decided to just replace it as it was about 21 years old and continued to breakdown. Mike made a recommendation on a model and just finished installing it. He had to redo some plumbing to adjust to the new heater. He did an excellent job. He even repainted all of the plumbing pipes so it looks new.

    I can always rely on Mike if I have a swimming pool issue. He's friendly, kind and most of all very competent with any swimming pool issue. I can trust he will do the right thing and he always does. He even removed a few automatic valve actuators and converted them to manual without charge.
    I am grateful to have someone who I can trust in the swimming pool business who does outstanding work.
    Thank you Mike!

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  • Julie EllingsonMeticulous Workmanship

    I am very happy with my experience with Mike the Poolman. He was responsive to my emails and went into depth to help me choose the rail ultimately installed in my pool.

    While there was a wait for the custom rail to be made and shipped to him, it was not an undue amount of time at all. Once he had the rail in stock, it was installed within a week. It was a quick, neat job from there and my father now has a good, stable means of support when exiting the pool. I highly recommend that you contact Mike the Poolman. He has good people working for him and is meticulous about making certain the job is done right.

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  • I needed a pool railing put in for my new pool as my partner is disabled and requires it to safely use our new pool. Mike was super helpful and responsive in the selection and installation of the rail.  Great customer service, outstanding installation service. I would highly recommend him for all pool needs.

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