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Pool Filter Crack & Rupture

October 10, 2014

I don’t see a pool filter crack very often and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one rupture like the one in my photo so its an opportunity to post something rare.

Not surprisingly, this pool has an in-floor system. Any pool technicians reading this already know what I’m about to say: in-floor systems require bigger pumps for more flow to get the in-floor heads to pop up. This amplified flow increases pressure throughout the system (let alone the greater electricity demand and co$t). Eventually something has to give. In this case the filter tank cracked and completely ruptured. Essentially this pool system had high blood pressure and the filter tank had an aneurysm.

I just wonder how many pipe joints and other components we are unaware of at the moment that were weakened in the meantime. Typically a pipe joint bursts or the pump seal fails before the filter tank blows up.

The filter elements were so dirty and impacted that barely any flow was moving through the filter before it blew up and drained 1/4 of the pool before the issue was discovered. Dirty elements will slow and even cease flow through the system so its wise to monitor filter pressure on the filter tank gauge. Also, make sure the filter gauge doesn’t have warped paper in it keeping the needle from moving. if this happens replace it pronto, gauges are only $15.

If you read my blog regularly you know I’m not a fan of the manufacturer of this filter. I’m in a good mood tonight so I’m not going to mention their name (but it starts with an H and ends with a d). I see consistent problems with their equipment and it came as NO surprise when I received¬† the phone call for a filter explosion and that this was the brand involved.

That’s all for now and just in case you’re wondering, fortunately no one was injured in the incident.




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