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Why You Don’t Drain Your Pool

February 8, 2021

Save Water, Save Time, Save Money

Popped pool from hydrostatic pressure

Use Your Brain before You Drain!
Draining a swimming pool can result in financial disaster.
Always take proper precautions before draining a pool or avoid draining altogether and hire a company that can complete your pool repair without draining the pool.

When a swimming pool is drained, a natural hazard is temporarily created by the absence of water in the pool. As a result of this natural hazard it is possible that the following conditions might occur:
1) the pool might “float” due to hydrostatic pressure or surcharge conditions;

2) the shell may crack;

3) there may be checking or “blistering” in the plaster;

4) a person or animal could fall into the empty or partially empty pool, injuring themselves and/or the pool;

5) the pool light is cooled by water, if turned on while not immersed it will be damaged and may blow up.

* The weight of water in a pool helps it maintain its shape and structural integrity.

* Draining a pool can make problems like cracks and popping plaster worse.

* Dumping pool water into the sewer is now illegal in most California counties.

* You will be charged to refill your pool if you are on a water meter!

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