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Thinking of becoming a pool guy?

August 5, 2022

Are you thinking of becoming a pool guy?
There is a HUGE demand for pool technician’s in the swimming pool industry. It’s a great business but… it’s more technical and complicated than most people think!

Victor HeroTwenty years ago a person could be hired and trained up in two to four weeks- then came variable speed pumps- and everything changed. Why did everything change? It’s because there are so many combinations of variable speed pumps with controllers and timers and stand-alones. This mix of increased options, along with basic water chemistry, has made the job more complicated and that in turn has led to attrition and frankly, just plain scaring away guys who were in the job to cruise along without having to use their brain.

To help the situation we provide our employees with a crib sheet but most employees say it takes about six months of servicing pools before they get comfortable with the many pump and controller options.

Because it’s gotten more complicated we see fewer people sticking in the industry. Gone are the days when a guy showed up in flip-flops and board shorts and could get by servicing swimming pools (at least not for Mike the Poolman!)

If you like working outdoors in beautiful backyards with gorgeous pools AND you are technical and like a challenge, this could be a good fit for you. If you aren’t technical or mechanically inclined, be wary!

Our current employment opportunities: https://mikethepoolman.com/employment

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