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Another Hayward H400 pool heater issue

September 6, 2012

If you see this heater working you are a blessed person!
Hayward H400 pool heater issue in Folsom

The Hayward H400 (H Series) is no longer made and for good reason: consistent problems and a poor performance record. There are still some in service but when they fail it’s an expensive day. Parts are no longer available so the only options are to install a new heater or do without.

The heater in the photo above is in Folsom and failed last week. The culprit is a faulty blower. The homeowners have a pool/spa combo so they are unable to use the spa (at least with hot water) until I install a new heater.

What can you do if you have an H Series heater?
Run it. The more often they are operating (heating) the longer they seem to last. Spiders love to lay eggs in the orifices and running the heater cooks them out and extends the life of the heater.

If you have a Hayward H Series heater it would be wise to budget for a new heater in the near future.

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