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Sta-Rite SunLite conversion to LED color light

August 26, 2022

Do you have a Sta-Rite Sunlite light fixture in your pool or spa?
If so, I’m guessing it doesn’t work and hence you found us looking for a repair solution. We have one!
If you have a light fixture that looks like one of these and you live our my area, we can help.

The Issue

Sta-Rite is an excellent company that makes many great products, but, they swung and missed with this one. The Sun-Lite pool light fixture is a dud. I bet 95% of all fixtures leak. What do you do when water leaks into the light housing? You have to replace the entire fixture with a new one. Do you know what the big problem is? The SunLite is the ONLY fixture that will fit in the SunLite SPA sized niche!!! (If you don’t know what a pool light fixture niche is, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwsNU_dp4xw)
So, when the Sun Lite failed you had to replace it with another Sun Lite fixture or go without a light because no other light would fix in the small niche.

The Solution

There is now a solution that is reliable in operation and spectacular in lighting.

We can convert the Sta Rite SunLite into a color-changing LED pool light. This can be done in gunite swimming pools and spas. It’s safe, dependable and easy to use. The colors are vibrant and the product has proven to be a hit. Additionally, you not only get individual colors but also “color shows”. My favorite color show is American. The colors cycle from Red to White to Blue and back through, over and over. If you’ve ever seen them while at a party at night, it is fantastic.
The results look like this:

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