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Sta-Rite pool pump crack- leaking at tank body

July 21, 2022

Here’s something that I’ve unfortunately been seeing more and more of: Sta-Rite variable speed pumps leaking after they crack along the seal plate tank body 😢.






When your pump starts spraying water out of the stainless steel band and clamp around the pump, remove the band and look for a crack like this:

Can you see the crack along the seal plate?

Obviously there is an issue with their (Pentair’s) mold. (Pentair is the parent compnay of Sta-Rite).

I see this three or four times a year since 2019. There are a TON of Sta-Rite pumps out there because it’s such an awesome pump. I suspect in most cases the filter hasn’t been cleaned often enough which increases back pressure throughout the system but regardless, the tank body should not be cracking.

The Solution?
You don’t need a whole new pump, you need the replacement part which is referred to as the “Tank Body”.

Best wishes,
Mike the Poolman

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