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FloVerter pool solar valve

May 16, 2020

FloVerter solar valveEver wonder what the FloVerter pool solar looks like and how it works? So do a lot of people! I took a few photos of one that I cut out after it failed (I replumbed with a three-way valve and valve actuator).


Flo Verter pool solar valve

The Flo-Verter was installed primarily by Heliocol pool solar installers. It was a less expensive alternative to a traditional 3 way valve and valve actuator. Unfortunately they are difficult for homeowners and most pool techs to understand.


Flo-Verter solar valve

FloVerter pool solar valve

Water enters from one direction and the diverter inside the valve spins to force water out of a side port or out of the bottom of the valve. They are finicky and commonly fail. If you have a Flo Verter I wouldn’t recommend rebuilding it. I would cut it out and plumb in a Jandy 3 way valve and actuator.

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