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The best swimming pool Langelier Saturation Index calculator- LSI

June 17, 2022

There are many pool saturation index calculators available online but this one is the best.

Some are good, some are not so good but this is my favorite Langelier Saturation Index calculator: https://www.pooltools.app/saturation-index-calculator

Swimming Pool Saturation Index Calculator


If you’re a geek for true pool water balance like I am then you know about the Langlier Saturation Index. I like and prefer this one because as you move the sliders you can see the effect the change in chemistry has on the overall Saturation Index score. Other calculators make you press a calculate button and then it shows the score. With this one you can drag any slider (e.g. Total Alkalinity or Calcium Hardness) and watch the calculation change as you adjust the inputs.

Have you ever wondered what the change in water temperature does to the calculation? Drag the Temperature slider and see how winter water temps and summer temps affect your water balance.

Very cool!

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