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How to take & submit swimming pool photos

May 24, 2022

How to and how not to take & submit swimming pool photos

People contact us every day asking for pool help. Many times I ask them to reply with a PHOTO of their equipment pad so I can help them with their issue. Many times they reply with photos that don’t show us what we need to see.

It isn’t unusual for us to go back and forth over several emails to get the right information. Hence, I’ve written this article to help pool owners understand what we need to see and how to take and submit photos.

The number one issue: when in doubt, move back and include as much as you can in the photo.

Let’s pretend you have a pump issue and I ask you to reply with a photo of the equipment pad.

A helpful photo:

  • includes one Hi-Resolution photo (2 -5MB) of the pump and plumbing around it

    A good photo!

    A good photo!

A “challenging” photo:

  • includes an up-close photo of the equipment in question (pump)
    (remember! I can always zoom in on a photo but I can’t zoom out. When in doubt, move back!)
  • photos too low in resolution
  • too many photos in hi-Resolution that clog up our email servers and won’t load on our phone
Unhelpful photo

Unhelpful photo

As you can see, the first photo shows more and we can zoom in to see what we need to see. The second photo is a great up-close photo of the pump but I can’t see anything else around it- which helps us to determine if there are plumbing issues, valves that need to be considered, automation controls involved, etc.

I hope this article helps!

Best Wishes, 😊
Mike the Poolman

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