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Epoxy Pool Painting and Repair as alternative to replaster

March 5, 2013

Guest blog by Glacier Industrial Painting

Your pool is most likely a beloved addition to your home. It is a place where your family, friends, and yourself can all have fun, relax, and cool off in the hot weather. However, after years of continuous use, your top pride and joy pool will probably become old and worn down. Chips and cracks all add up to a less-than-perfect exterior appearance of your pool and therefore lowering the luxury of your swimming experience. Years of oxidation from chlorine and ultraviolet light exposure to the gunite produce cracks. The crack gunite then needs to be repaired by a professional epoxy painter. Anyone who owns a pool understands the hassle that is associated with repairing or painting it, as well as the ongoing investment you must pay in order to do prolong and protect the pool.


So, what is epoxy pool painting? It is a process of painting to protect the more expensive structures of gunite and concrete. When a pool is constructed, concrete is the most common material. It is then finished off with a substance called gunite, which is used to keep moisture out of the concrete foundation and helps to prevent leaking. Gunite is brittle and only comes in an off-white color, therefore it is then protected by an epoxy finish to further waterproof it and paint it different colors as desired. Not all pools are painted with an epoxy. Pools that are painted with an epoxy have that extra protection and appearance with style and color. This epoxy paint protects the gunite from damage due to the process of oxidation, exposure to chlorine, along with exposure to ultraviolet sunlight rays. Improper chlorine levels will also increase the oxidation of the gunite. Epoxy pool painting will help protect this surface and prevent it from deteriorating prematurely. This epoxy painting will keep your beloved pool in pristine condition, much longer, and this investment will save you money in the long run, as you will not ultimately pay for restorations of the removal and replacement of the gunite over the entire pool.


Your pool will unsurprisingly need repairs after it has been used for years on end. When this time comes, be sure to call a professional epoxy painter. They possess the skills that can be completely trusted and relied on to correctly perform repairs in your pool. From epoxy pool painting, to fixing any chips or cracks in your foundation, a professional epoxy painter should be consulted.


This guest blog was provided by Glacier Industrial Painting, a pool painting Colorado based company that specializes in epoxy painting in Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska.

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