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Cracked Sta-Rite135TXR Pool Filter Base

September 24, 2014

Sta-Rite Posi-Flo 135TXR Pool Filter

Last week I replaced a pool filter base for the Sta-Rite Posiflo 135TXR filter. I thought I’d post some photos because the crack was difficult to see and I only found it after I cut the PVC pipes to remove it.

This particular pool filters inlet and outlet are on different sides. Because of the configuration it’s common for this filter to be plumbed up against a wall as this one is. I don’t know how small your head is but I couldn’t get my big nugget back there to see the leak 🙂
If you refer to the photos below you’ll see you how close to the wall it is. Of curse, the leak was above the filter outlet closest to the wall so it was impossible to see until pipes were cut.

The stainless steel portion of this filter no longer made but a fiberglass model is still being produced (Posi-Flo II). Fortunately parts for these filters are still available.

My repair was relativity easy: cut out PVC pipes and remove the filter and set to the side. Take the filter band off to remove the top portion (tank and filter element). I took the new base out of its packaging and threaded 1.5″ nipples into the inlet and outlet (always wrap with 6-10 revolutions of teflon tape!!!) Set the base in place, extend the existing plumbing from the pump to the inlet and the outlet to the pool return pipes. Put the element in place, set the stainless steel top in place and secure with the tank band. Paint your pipes black to protect the PVC from UV ray degradation (and to make it look nice!) By this time my glue was dry and I turned on the pump, bled the air out of the filter and viola, I was back in business with no leaks.

Another pool diagnosis and repair completed and a pleased customer.

posi-flo-pool-filter-1 posi-flo-pool-filter-2 posi-flo-pool-filter-3


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