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Clogged Pool Cleaner Line- I found the cat!

August 14, 2014

I’ve got to share this one- this is certainly a first when it comes to a clogged pool cleaner line. Recently I visited a weekly pool service customer in Folsom because their pool cleaner wasn’t running well. They have a suction side cleaner and if you’ve read my other posts you know I am not a fan- everyone of them has issues. In my 22 years in the pool industry I’ve yet to see one that works as well as a pressure side cleaner.
Anyways… there wasn’t enough flow to make the pool cleaner move. I finally put a hydro-flush in the pipe and after some pool technician tricks out pops a plastic toy cat!

The kitty was lodged in the pipe with hair and other debris and created a clog. Once she was removed the pool sweep started trudging along…

Clogged Pool Cleaner Line  Clogged Pool Cleaner Pipe





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