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Loyalty to YOU...

A new pool is an exciting time for a homeowner! Your backyard has been torn up for months and it’s finally come together into the oasis you’ve just spent THOUSANDS of dollars on.
Do you want a pool service that is loyal to you or loyal someone else? Of course you want them loyal to you.

The pool service dilemma of being in bed with a builder:

Do you know why pool service companies do start-ups on new swimming pools?
It’s not because they like to! Start-ups are challenging and I’ve never met a pool service company that likes doing them. Pool service companies do start-ups in the hope that they can sign-up the account for weekly pool service and build their pool service route. It’s a very effective strategy.

The builder’s pitch to the homeowner: “Of course you want to hire the pool service we recommend. They know what’s best for your pool and can warranty any issues they come across” (code for: we want control over any mistakes we made and we need them to be loyal to us first because they want to continue to build their pool service route).

Here’s the issue (and I know because I was in it at the start of my career):
When a pool builder uses a pool service company to do start-ups for them, they expect loyalty from the pool service company. What’s that mean? It means that they don’t want the pool service to point out every little mistake made during construction and they want them to cover for them on many of the issues (e.g. minimize the issue, sweep them under the rug). Many of the issues eventually get resolved but many do not…

When that service company points out mistakes made during construction it makes the builder look bad and no one likes to look bad. The builder makes a call to the pool service company and says: “If you want us to continue referring you, you need to cool it on volunteering our mistakes…”
Can you blame the builder? I can’t. But, do you want to hire someone who’s loyal to you or loyal to the builder (because building their business depends on it)?

Why Hire Mike the Poolman?

It’s simple: we work for YOU.
We have been asked scores of times to do startups for builders but we refuse because we know what that entails.
We are loyal to you.
We have over 30 years of experience servicing and repairing swimming pools & spas.
Our strategy works.
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