Mike the Poolman

Employment Opportunities

6 hours a day, 3 days a week

March 9, 2022

Swimming Pool Service Technician 

Are you retired and looking for a part-time job?
Are you an Outdoorsman who enjoys working outside?
Are you handy and can fix things?
Consider swimming pool service- we are hiring.
Our job averages 3 days a week, 18 – 24 hours per week

This is an ideal job for a local RETIRED person who is in good physical shape for many reasons:

  • It’s low stress (if you do your job)
  • You will be working alone and have independence
  • You WON’T be working with entitled people who think they know what work is
  • You will be APPRECIATED by your employer if you CARE about your work and do your job

    We need someone we can COUNT ON who can follow instructions, likes working alone and will consistently take care of their daily responsibilities without a boss having to reprimand them regularly. Yes, with responsibility comes the benefit of freedom…

    The job isn’t difficult, you have to like working outdoors (hot and cold) and keeping things in order, AND TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK!
    You’ll drive a company truck and work by yourself (it’s a lot of freedom and flexibility for a dependable person).

    Duties include basic pool service: weekly testing and balancing water with chemicals, cleaning pools, monitoring equipment and basic repairs. Experience is NOT required as WE WILL TRAIN YOU! If you do your job you will be treated well (and if not, we will get rid of you in a heartbeat). We get paid to perform and we pay you to perform. If I’ve scared you already then don’t apply.

    If you think you can meet the challenge (of doing your job) then read on and know that this is a great opportunity to learn a fun trade from an established (20+ years) and successful pool service company. Beginning pay is $20/hour and increases when you prove yourself more valuable (yes, we want to pay you more but only after you prove yourself). If you are good at your job and want to earn more for the company doing complex repairs we will HAPPILY pay you more.

    • You must be able to lift 50 pounds
    • You must be dog friendly
    • You must have a clean driving record
    • You must be able to pass a background check

    Send us your resume and /or fill out our on-line application:

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